Nearby Attractions

While staying with us, consider visiting some popular destinations near us.

We can take you to see the local Himba people of Damaraland who maintain links to their ancient way of life. Modern Namibia sits on an ancient land where much has remained unaltered for millions of years. The remains of a petrified forest dating to 50 million years ago are not too far away along with the rock paintings made by the Bushman people 20,000 years ago. Near Twyfelfontein you will find the Organ Pipes, rocks fractured by molten lava that flowed over them during a volcanic eruption.

We are happy to organize/escort our guests to these and other areas, including Etosha National Park. Northwest Namibia hosts the world’s largest meteorite – every geologists dream.

The fabulous unpolluted night skies of Namibia, Southern Africa, are world renowned and have led to this country becoming a magnet for northern based amateur astronomers seeking to savour the far south objects invisible from their latitude. This has led to a number of establishments offering some astronomy opportunities either through hosted observing sessions or specifically aimed at amateurs bringing their own equipment.

Namibian Fauna & Flora

Namibia is famous for its red desert which is dry and barren, but is a popular destination for those who know how to appreciate the stark landscape and a soulful connection with nature.


Despite the harsh conditions there are over 4,000 species of plants in Namibia, of which 683 are endemic to the country.


In Namibia there are about 200 species of land mammals, 40 marine mammals, 115 species of fish, 50 species of frogs, 250 species of reptiles, more than 5,000 species of arachnids, and over 6,000 recorded species of insects. Namibia is home to about 640 species of birds, of which 14 are endemic to the country.

At Byseewah itself the terrain is diverse, comprising mostly of Mopane forests, Acacia woodlands, plains, mountains and valleys. There is also a large pan area. There are no internal fences or cattle, only wild game species.

Please take a look at our gallery page for more images on fauna and flora.