Giving back to the community

Fleeting Water Pre-School

The school is one of the ways that we support our staff and share with them the benefits of working in the hunting and tourisim industry. The school caters for the younger children and is manned primarily by volunteer teachers from abroad. The school is situated in the middle of the staff’s Tulikumwe Village – which means “we all pull together” in the local Oshiwambo language.

The older children board at schools in the local towns and they receive financial help through donations from our guests via our Byseewah Scholarship Fund.

Our staff

At Byseewah we believe that it is important to offer our staff the best possible working environment. As part of that ethic, we have constructed 10 x  3-bedroomed houses with built in cupboards, solar lighting and hot water and a pre-school for the children of our staff.

We believe that it is important everyone shares in the opportunities of our wonderful country and one way of doing this is through education.

You can see more images of the staff and school by following this link.