Ethical Hunting

Byseewah offers a wide range of plains game hunting safaris to suit different hunting styles and requirements. We are passionate about following the highest ethical hunting practices and strongly believe this is the best form of conservation. Plains game hunting takes place on our own grounds as does bow hunting. For more information on a particular type of hunting, please contact us. Please take a look at our hunting galleries.

Bow hunting

Our commitment to ethical hunting on foot has given bow hunters that extra challenge. Byseewah welcomes all ethical hunters, whether they choose to hunt with bows or rifles. All hunting is done on foot with no more than one bow-hunter per Professional Hunter/Hunting Guide. This ensures the hunter has the best possible chance of success. Byseewah does not allow hunting at waterholes or from hides. All bow hunting is done by walk and stalk. The diversity of the bush and variety of wildlife compliments and enhances the excitement of the hunt. Our professional guides help the bowmen learn which animals can be taken with an arrow.

The Range at Byseewah

Byseewah’s range allows our guests to adjust their rifles, try out different hunting weapons available, and practice with a bit of target shooting before hunting. But most importantly, go through the essential task of a thorough safety discussion and zeroing the sights before embarking on the hunt.

Guests can choose to go hunting with bows as well as rifles. Becoming familiar with the range at which animals can be taken with arrows is an essential skill the bowman must acquire, and our Professional Hunters advice should be followed at all times.