The Byseewah McNAM - combined Hunting and Fishing in Namibia

Byseewah offers a special deal for those who would like to combine both the thrill of sea fishing and trophy hunting in a single holiday.

It is not easy, but there are hunters who have achieved it – it makes no difference which way round you do it – fishing first and then hunting, or vice versa.

The beautiful Cape Cross Lodge on the stunning Skeleton Coast serves as the base for the fishing portion of the safari. A professional fisherman will pick you up each morning and takes you to the beach to fish for kabeljou and shark. You will have to catch a least one kabeljou that weighs more than 6 kg!. Your next challenge will be to catch a copper shark or “bronzy.” All fish go back to the sea.

From the coast, you will travel inland to Byseewah to hunt a medal quality gemsbok and one other trophy animal. Byseeway awards those who successful catch a Kabeljou and a shark and hunt two trophy animals with the Byseewah McNam certificate, which has your name and the dates of your safari. You will also receive photographs of your exploits to remind your of your trip for the rest of your life.

This is 14-day safari is all inclusive of food, beverages, accommodation, laundry, 4-wheel drive vehicles, skinners, hunting guides/P.H., hunting license, 1 medal oryx (gemsbok) plus 1 other medal trophy, preparation
of trophies and delivery to local taxidermist. Prices include Vat where applicable. Transport to and from International airport.